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KC Global Procurement

KC Global Procurement specialises in the Energy, Manufacturing, Process, Oil & Gas Sectors. We will strive to continue to meet the challenges of supplying equipment and spares into Africa. Our objective is to provide a high standard of quality goods at a competitive price, with our UK Partners and other International OEM’s

Our company is not limited to dealing direct with the major industries. KCGP also welcomes working in joint ventures, supplying to local companies and local content requirements.

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Working with our client we can offer a full procurement service. This includes competitive tendering, price agreements and procurement contracts.

Supply Chain Management

KCGP is able to offer assistance to any projects. Our team is on standby to support any project requirements at short notice

Project Support

KCGP provides support to remote sites, satellite offices and to joint venture agreements around the world. This includes setting up price agreements, call offs and discounted price schemes through the KC distribution network.


We are able to offer a full shipping service for the shipment goods from source to destination. Either by courier, airfreight or seafrieght. This will include any pre-shipment inspections required by the client.

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