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266 Multivariable Transmitters

Original price was: £1,000.00.Current price is: £800.00.

The 266 multivariable transmitter can be delivered from factory fully configured according the customer specific application parameters.

Mass flow measurement:
Mass flow of gas, steam, liquid and standard volume flow of gas are calculated in accordance with AGA3, ISO 5167 and standardised correction calculations GERg88, AGA*.

High pressure Direct Mass measurement:
Used for DP flow measurement it calculates the mass flow of gas, steam and liquid with dynamic compensation. The measurement accuracy improves by 1% to 2%. Due to the available draft range, this transmitter is tailored for use with the cheap and easy to install averaging Pitot tubes.

Level measurement:
In level applications the multivariable transmitter calculates the fluid density depending on temperature and pressure for dramatically increase of measurement accuracy even when using diaphragm seals.

Improves the hydrostatic level measurement with or without diaphragm seals due to density correction for level measurement in open tanks, closed tanks, boiler drum measurement.


With its differential pressure measurement with high accuracy of 0.075% or also top accuracy 0.04%. An optional accuracy of 0.025% is available. Useable for applications with static pressures up to 41Mpa and is suitable for draft range applications.

The Multivariable model is covered by certification for intrinsically safe and/or flameproof applications, according to main international standards as ATEX. ICECx, FM, EAC and also SIL2/3 certified.

Compared to single sensors the 266 multivariable transmitter save 30%-40% of cost. One instrument instead of 3 means reduced connections and I/O modules, less valves and less replacement parts required and reduced maintenance.

  • One 266 multivariable replace 3 separate transmitters
  • Reduced costs for installation and maintenance
  • Easy Set Up Function
  • Increased plant availability
  • Calculation of energy flow for steam and water
  • Binary output for flow impulse/ frequency or status
  • EN/IEC61508 certification for SIL2 (1oo1) and SIL3 (1oo2)
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