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500 PRO

The 500 PRO series provides the ultimate combination of performance, functionality and durability delivering a competitive offering for harsher industrial applications.


Featuring a triple-junction design with ion traps, reference shielding and Viton® Extreme O-ring protection, the 500 PRO provides enhanced poisoning resistance and chemical protection, extending operational lifetime without compromising performance.

The 500 PRO sensor provides:

Increased efficiency

  • Propriety high performance glassware formulations provide the highest level of reliability and responsiveness
  • Close-coupled temperature measurement ensures high accuracy even with rapid temperature changes

Dependable performance

  • Triple junction design with ion-trap and reference shielding provides enhanced poisoning resistance
  • Unique tertiary cellular junction matrix slows poisoning effects, maximizing sensor lifetime
  • ATEX/IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas
  • Robust PVDF ¾ inch NPT body provides superior mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Each electrode is manufactured to the highest quality standards and provided with a calibration certificate

Modular design

  • Universal ¾ inch NPT design for simplified mounting
  • Available in a range of detached or integral cabling options
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