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501C Series

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The new 501C Stainless Steel is the right answer to complete on healthy valve range for professional coffee machine, water dispenser and vending machines.

For this new valve, we have selected lead free materials in compliance with the most restrictive standards and regulations, in accordance with market and people expectations concerning health.

Market of interest

  • Life Sciences
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Waste Water treatment


Fully made of Stainless Steel, with FKM FDA robust seals, in order to give you the best Foodstuff Compatibility. This new stainless steel product family is NSF certified.

Thanks to the modular concept, a wide range of electrical parts can be used, including F Class, IP67, H Class, reduced power and UL/VDE approved

Typical Applications:

  • Water purification and preparation devices
  • Food & Beverage processing, Healthy Beverage Dispense equipment
  • Demineralized water shut off, cooling of medical and surgical devices
  • Dishwasher disinfectors, Laboratory and high end hot steam sterilizers
  • Aggressive liquids shut-off
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