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60 Series

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60 Series double shut-off couplings are versatile for use across a spectrum of hydraulic applications where fluid lines require connection and disconnection. Couplers and nipples are available in a wide range of sizes and materials.


  • Industrial hydraulic lines
  • Food and chemical processing
  • Water and coolant lines
  • Mobile equipment
  • May be used with some gases


  • Accepts ISO 7241-1, Series B compliant nipples
  • Poppet valves along with a metal to metal valve stop maintains valve alignment and prevents flow checking
  • Steel, brass, and stainless steel material options
  • Brass couplers have double O-rings and stainless steel locking balls
  • Steel coupler sleeve and steel nipple body are hardened to be wear resistant
  • Standard end configurations include female pipe and straight thread ORB
  • Optional Sleeve-Lok and alternative seal materials available
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