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ABB Ability SRV500

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The SRV500 is the latest verification product from ABB offering in-situ verification for electromagnetic flowmeters. The verification products can verify a flowmeter’s accuracy without the need to remove the instrument for calibration, offering significant savings in time and cost. The sofware provides an overall PASS/FAIL and a detailed measurement of the device internals. The standard version of the ABB ability allows the user to verify a device in situ within 5 minuets, increasing efficiently and reducing risk.

The SRV500 can verify a range of ABB flow metering products including:

Other products in the ABB range that can be verified using the SRV500 include:

Performing regular flowmeter verification allows customers to maintain their processes with a level of confidence. The easy to use software comes with a variety of communication options and provides certification in accordance with ISO9001.

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