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ADS420 Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Original price was: £1,000.00.Current price is: £800.00.

The ADS420 probe is a rugged, reliable instrument designed to deliver accurate dissolved oxygen (DO) data across a wide measurement range, using the latest optical technology for DO measurement.

The probe is designed for use with ABB multi-input transmitters, such as the AWT420 and AWT440, which feature ‘hot-plugging’ capability. Hot-plugging lets new or replacement sensors to be
connected without needing to power down the transmitter.

When used in conjunction with the optional EZClean compressed air supply unit (connected to an ABB adaptor nozzle or T-piece), a schedule can be configured to provide automatic in-situ cleaning of the probe.


Easy to use:
• Plug-and-play digital sensor connection
• Automatic sensor recognition and set-up
• Advanced predictive maintenance diagnostics
• Aupplied factory-calibrated ready for use

Accurate and reliable:
• Dynamic luminescence quenching technology eliminates sensor drift
• Fast response time with patented signal processing
• Robust construction provides abrasion and UV resistance

US EPA Approved:
• US EPA approved technology for use in Clean Water Act programs
• Suitable for use by NPDES permit holders for monitoring influent, effluent and treatment processes

Low cost of ownership:
• Long-life SmartCap preloaded with factory calibration coefficients
• No need for on-site calibration
• Fully automatic air cleaning system available

Flexible installation options:
• Suitable for tank, open channel or T-piece installation
• Range of handrail or wall mounting kits
• Suitable for saline applications

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