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Prolonging boiler operating life and reducing unplanned maintenance through accurate hydrazine dosing

The Navigator 500 Hydrazine analyzer provides a continuous measurement of the level of hydrazine in boiler feedwater, enabling the chemical dose to be controlled automatically. This avoids both the expense associated with overdosing and the costly corrosion damage caused by under-dosing.


The Navigator 500 Hydrazine is used for applications where hydrazine is used to dose boiler feedwater to reduce dissolved oxygen levels. The sensor uses an electro-chemical cell to accurately measure the amount of hydrazine in boiler feedwater.

Featuring a separate sensor section and transmitter, the Navigator 500 Hydrazine gives users the option of adding up to four wet-sections to one transmitter, enabling measurement of samples from different measuring points. This not only offers an economic and compact solution, but allows operators to mix and match other parameters within the Navigator 500 range to reduce installation footprint and cost.

User benefits:

  • Low reagent consumption and novel design with no moving parts reduces maintenance requirements and minimizes cost of ownership
  • Fast response time allows reduction in chemical costs through optimized dosing to feedwater
  • Automatic calibration minimizes manual intervention and ensures accuracy
  • Intuitive software with full colour graphical display
  • Data logging and graphical process trending
  • Full audit trail capability
  • Secure data archiving to SD Card or USB Stick
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