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The AT200 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter is Used as a Direct Insert for the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge to Create a Complete Level Measuring System for a Wide Range of Total and Interface Applications.


The AT200 Transmitter Features One Moving Part, a Float, that Provides Continuous Level Reading Via Common Industry Protocols Such as 4-20 mA, HART, Honeywell DE, Foundation Fieldbus, while Deriving its Source of Power from the Control Loop. The Transmitter Detects the Position of the Float within the Float Chamber by Using “Time of Flight” Technology to Calculate Distance. The Resulting, Non-Contact, Level Measurement is Highly Accurate.


  • SIL2 Certified IEC 61508*
  • Designed to Mount Externally to K-TEK KM26 or Other Magnetic Level Gauge
  • High Accuracy: .01% of Full Scale
  • Superior Piezo Ceramic Sensor (Patent # 5,473,245)
  • Local Indication with LCD Display
  • Simple Calibration
  • Never Requires Recalibration: Set It & Forget It
  • Dual Compartment Housing with Separate Field Terminal Compartment
  • Total and/or Interface Level Measurement
  • ProcessTemperature Range -320º F to 800º F (-196 to 427ºC) with options
  • Field Replaceable Module
  • Built In RFI / EMI Filter
  • Digital Communication


  • Two Level Indications
  • Honeywell DE Output
  • Foundation Fieldbus Output
  • Glass Viewing Window
  • 316L SS Enclosure
  • 20 Point Strapping Table
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