ATS430 - KC Global Procurement


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The ATS430 is a compact, yet extremely robust turbidity sensor capable of measuring turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations up to 4000 NTU or 100,000 mg/l.

Available in stainless steel or titanium these rugged sensors are suitable for use in a wide range of process control applications. The stainless steel version with optional integral
cleaning is ideal for general water and wastewater applications, whereas the titanium version can be used in aggressive or corrosive environments, including brine, seawater or high salinity media.

Analysis and signal conditioning is conducted within the robust sensor housing and transmitted digitally to the transmitter.

Featuring ABB’s EZLink technology, simplified calibration and service-free design, users of this system benefit from simple operation, enhanced accuracy and the lowest cost-of ownership.

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