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Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters

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In many packaging and manufacturing applications, the use of vacuum pump exhaust filters is quickly becoming the standard. With heightened regulations from OSHA and the EPA, it is absolutely necessary to use filtration on the exhaust side of vacuum pump systems. Vacuum pumps without exhaust filters will allow oil, used to lubricate the pump, to vent to atmosphere. In this situation, the oil will deposit and collect in the surrounding area, resulting in quality issues and health related issues. Exhausting the oil mist and smoke to the outdoors will increase the risk of ductwork fires, damage to roofs and to the surrounding environment – both soil and groundwater.


Remove all visible oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust, even when it is saturated with oil. The exhaust gas may be recycled to the process or the pumps may exhaust into a clean work area, eliminating the need to run ductwork and exhaust pipes outside. The high efficiency filter cartridge continuously drains the collected liquid, allowing the user to recover expensive, inert lubricating fluid and resulting in extremely long filter cartridge life. Filters are available for pumps with flow ranging from 3 to 850 cfm.

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