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Flushing Ring


  • Integral welded valves, no threads or PTFE required
  • Easy to fit with through holes for studding
  • Captive stud option
  • Weld extensions gives added clearance away from chemical seal
  • Available in a range of corrosion resistant alloys
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Flushing Rings, also reffered to as drip rings are used between an isolation valve and the diaphragm seal of a pressure transmitter. Side ports on the rings allow media to be injected/ejected so that the diaphragm can be flushed free of deposits that affect transmitter measurement accuracy. Parker’s flushing rings are the same diameter as the flanges, bringing the valves clear of the flanges and eliminating the need for flushing port extension adapters. The flushing rings are held in place by through-bolts or captive studs, making them easy to install. The captive stud versions have the added advantage that the drip ring stays in place if either the process valve side or the diaphragm side requires removal.

The flushing rings also have the benefit of allowing for size reduction. Parker produces a variety of tapered bore drip rings, typically with a 2” process-side flange and a 3” diaphragm-side flange to allow use of larger diaphragms for improved measurement accuracy without having to employ unnecessarily large and heavy valves. Parker can supply the drip rings ready-fitted with ball valves for flushing or needle valves.

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