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Sensyflow FMT700-P is for direct mass flow measurement of air. The measurement is independent of operating pressure and temperature. It supplies best accuracy together with an unrivalled response time. Used in quality assurance, test bench applications, research and development.

It is the reference system for intake air measurement of the leading car manufacturers worldwide.

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The measuring system comprises a flowmeter sensor (measuring tube), a measuring section and a supply / evaluation unit.
The sensor is designed as a measuring tube and accommodates the sensor unit and an electronic transmitter circuit. It is available invarious diameters and is installed in the measuring section by using quick-clamping connectors.

The measuring section consists of inlet and outlet sections of the appropriate size and of an air filter or flow conditioner which can be connected – e.g. to an air duct – via the connection piece on the suction side.

The supply / evaluation unit is available as a 19” plug-in version or as a desktop unit. It provides the power supply for the sensor and converts its flow-dependent current signal into standard analog mass flow signals. The unit with a 6-digit display is suitable for all measuring tubes and automatically identifies the appropriate nominal diameter. Further diagnostic functions allow simple and safe operation.

  • Wide measuring range of 1:40
  • Highest accuracy over the entire range
    – < 1 % of measured value
  • Quick response time < 12 ms
    – Detection of rapid load changes on engine test benches
  • Low pressure drop
  • No moving parts, no wear, maintenance-free
  • Complete system with inlet / outlet runs, flow conditioner and links
    – User-friendly handling
    – Immediately ready for use
    – Nominal diameter DN 25 to 200 (1 to 8 in.)
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