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LF 3200 Mini Pneumatic Push-In Fittings (3mm)

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Miniature pneumatic installations are very precise and sensitive systems, having specific operating characteristics.

Consequently, Parker Legris has developed this ergonomic range of brass push-in fittings for its mechanical robustness and compactness.


– Compact & Lightweight

• 25% smaller than other fittings on the market for optimum actuator dimensions
• Minimum weight for maximum efficiency
• Reduces energy consumption and limits actuator wear

– Resistance & Performance

• All brass components for excellent impact resistance
• Gripping system with collet for increased robustness and service life
• Excellent resistance to high operating pressures

– Reliability

• 100% leak-tested in production
• Date coding to guarantee quality and traceability
• Ideal for very sensitive applications
• Corrosion-resistant

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