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LF3600 Low Lead Brass

Original price was: £1,000.00.Current price is: £800.00.

This range of low lead brass fittings offers a high mechanical resistant solution without contamination of beverages at a competitive price. It has been designed especially for all kind of coffee machines of hot beverages dispensers. Its robust design and proven gripping technology technology offer optimum performance for a universal use as alternative of compression fittings technology and stainless steel material.


– Simplicity & Reliability

• Instant connection and disconnection
• Automatic sealing ensured
• Interchangeable fittings
• 100 % leak-tested
• Date coding to guarantee traceability

– Robustness

• All metal
• Increased resistance to impacts, to traction and to cycled pressure
• Tried-and-tested technology in numerous industrial applications
• Maximum thread length according to the ISO standard

– Innovative Design

• Compact fittings and full bore for optimum flow
• An alternative to stainless steel at a lower cost
• Pressure and temperature performance enabling a universal use and stock and maintenance reduced costs

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