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Pargrip PFA Fittings

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The Parflare Fittings are ideally suited for any ultrapure or corrosive chemical application. The fitting design yields a leak tight connection with minimal dead volume and can be used in side loading and vibrational applications. The connection is achieved by a heated flaring process utilizing an external heat source (HG Heat Gun) and PTFE mandrel (MFT Manual Flaring Tool), or by using Partek’s optional FG Series Electronic Flare Gun. Parflare PFA fittings are supplied with PVDF nuts as standard. For PFA nuts add -T suffix to part number. For High Temperature nut assemblies add -HT suffix to part number (1/4” – 1” sizes only).

  • Perfect for applications where ease of assembly is a requirement
  • Grooved tubing is not required
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