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PHS Sanitary Air and Gas Housing Range

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The PHS Sanitary filter housing range is designed for sterile filtration and purification of compressed air and gas in pharmaceutical applications

• Includes plenum chamber for condensate management
• Electropolishing option

PED Fluid Group
PHS Demi: Group 1 (dangerous and 2 (harmless) gas
PHS Single and Multi: Group 2 (harmless) gas only

Internal Surface Finish
PHS Demi: Mechanical Polished Ra <0.4µm
PHS Single and Multi: Mechanical Polished Ra <0.8 µm (upstream) and Ra <0.4 µm (downstream)

External Surface Finish
Mechanical mirror polish

All accessible internal and external assembly welds are fully polished/removed.

Each filter housing is supplied as standard with a manufacturer’s report test certificate, declaration of conformity and user manual.

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