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Pneumatic Blocking Fittings

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Blocking fittings, mounted in pairs on a cylinder, lock the piston by simultaneously cutting off the supply and exhaust when the pilot signal is removed. Those blocking fittings are suitable for most demanding environments. By design, those fittings ensure optimum flow, security, and durability without any effect on the performance of the cylinder.


Optimum Performance

• Optimum flow: no effect on the performance of the cylinder
• Compact size
• Fully orientable for excellent flexibility in circuit installation
• 100% leak-tested in production
• Date coding to guarantee quality and traceability


• Suitable for the most demanding environments
• Excellent corrosion and spark resistance to salt spray and sparks (threaded models)
• Proven push-in technology
• Tried and tested durability according to DI 2006/42/CE

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