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Pneumatic Flow Control Regulators in Polymer or Nickel-Plated Brass

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Parker Legris flow control regulators offer precise adjustment, accuracy and compactness providing the solution for all applications. Those flow control regulators are available with polymer, nickel-plated brass or aluminium bodies, external or recessed adjustment screws. By allowing a higher maximum flow than standards regulators and precise adjustement, this range of products helps you improve your productivity and performance with accuracy.


Improved Productivity

• Higher maximum flow than standard regulators
• Full flow with minimum pressure drop (model 7060)
• Optimal control of the cylinder rod speed
• 100% leak-tested in production
• Date coding to guarantee quality and traceability
• Reduce compressed air and energy consumption

Accuracy & Performance

• Precise adjustment for accurate flow regulation from initial to maximum opening
• Constant cylinder rod displacement speed
• Long-term stability of flow
• Reduced weight (polymer version)
• Mechanical strength and corrosion resistance with nickel-plated brass version

Ergonomics & Large Range

• External adjustment screw: easy to adjust without tooling and lockable
• Recessed adjustment screw: more compact and protects the adjustment mechanism
• Uni-directional: exhaust or inlet
• Bi-directional: adjustment of air flow in both directions
• 360° positioning
• NPT version on request

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