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ProBloc TP Series

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Parker’s ProBloc TP series trunnion mounted valve with a low operating torque is available with either soft or metal seat options for bubble tight sealing, spanning a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

The valve performs double block and bleed valves function and consists of two separate isolating ball valves and one drain valve in one single unit. This three piece construction offers space and weight saving benefits over the traditional method of using three separate valves in process piping applications.
These valves are supplied to the API 6D standard.

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  • Trunnion mount seat design with a low operating torque and minimizing seat wear for improved performance and service life
  • Three piece design – suitable for various piping configurations
  • Anti-blow-out stem – valve integrity
  • Double D drive on stems facilitates correct lever positioning
  • Cavity relief on seats – over-pressure protection of ball cavity
  • Lockable handles option prevents accidental operation
  • Graphite packing to API 622 – low emission to atmosphere
  • Fire safe design
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