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QR Code Assistance

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ABB’s Dynamic QR Code assistance for analyzers is a unique feature enabling comprehensive product health check and effective troubleshooting, without physically connecting to your system.

In addition to providing static information for analyzer identification, the QR code contains dynamic information on system configuration and current
health status. ABB specialists are able to use this data to identify the problem and provide a rapid response solution.

ABB’s QR Code assistance for analyzers is very simple, follow these steps:
1. Error occurs causing the analyzer to display, maintenance request or error.

2. Access the QR code page on the device display.

3. Open the myIB app on your mobile device, scan the QR code and send data to the ABB team.

4. ABB service specialists review the data and troubleshoot the problem.

5. ABB provides an action plan to fix the problem. The customer only needs a QR code reader app or to download the new ABB myIB app.


The myIB app allows you to register ABB products, access a comprehensive set of useful information related to products and services including
documentation, contact centers and more.

For logged-in users, the app provides additional functionalities including visibility of registered products, visualization of the full service history along
with the possibility to request recommended services from ABB specialists.

The Dynamic QR Code is available for the product lines Continuous Gas Analyzers, Continuous Water Analyzers, Recorders & Controllers and, FT-IR and FT-NIR Analyzers. In particular, the following modules and products supports Dynamic QR Code assistance:

Continuous Gas Analyzers

  • ACF5000
  • AO2000
  • EL3000
  • Caldos25 / Caldos15
  • Caldos27 / Caldos17
  • Fidas24 / MultiFID14
  • Limas21 / Limas23 / Limas11
  • Magnos206 / Magnos106
  • Magnos27 / Magnos17
  • Uras26 / Uras14

Recorders & Controllers

  • RVG200
  • SM500

FT-IR and FT-NIR Analyzers

  • FTPA2000

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