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Original price was: £1,000.00.Current price is: £800.00.

WedgeMaster has no moving parts and no tendency to wear or foul.

WedgeMaster devices are the logical choice when there are concerns over meter performance and longevity. In addition WedgeMaster performs at very low Reynolds Numbers and with short upstream straight pipe lengths.

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  • One-stop source for the complete Wedge meter package – Purchase all the components from one supplier, saving cost in procurement and order-progressing activities.
  • Reduced cost and space for process piping – Requires as little as 5D upstream and 2D downstream of straight pipe, saving on expensive provision of pipework and space.
  • Excellent turndown and long term stability – no critical surface dimensions to wear; durable design and construction – maintains flow characteristics down to Re 500, offering wide flow turndown, even with more-viscous fluids.
  • Easy, low cost, accurate installation – Reduces installation cost by up to 50% compared to a traditional DP system. – Assembly, leak testing and basic configuration has already been done before shipment.
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