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H Series 2, 3 and 5 Valve Manifold


Parker’s remote and direct mount manifolds are one of the most extensive in the process instrumentation industry and accommodates all types of instrumentation installations, specifications and applications. There is a choice of single-isolate-and-vent, double-isolate-and-vent, double-isolate-and-equalise, and double-isolate-equalise-and-double-vent block configurations. All needle valves in Parker’s H series manifold valves have PTFE seats and gland packing as standard, with PEEK seats and graphoil gland packing options.

The needle valves use a standard globe style bonnet design for safe, reliable and repeatable performance. They feature an anti-blowout stem, a self centering, non-rotating spindle tip and an externally adjustable gland. As standard, the needle valves have metal-to-metal seats to ensure 100% bubble-tight shut-off, and PTFE gland packing. Graphoil gland packing and PEEK or PCTFE soft tips for gas applications are available. Further options include anti-tamper spindles, as well as lockable handwheels and T-bars.

Most of the valves and manifolds in this series are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. Oxygen clean, NACE compliant and other types of materials are also available. As standard, the components have a maximum working pressure of 10000 PSI (689 bar). The operating temperature range depends on the type of valve seat and gland packing material that is specified.

• Oil and Gas Offshore
• Oil and Gas Onshore
• Petrochemical
• Chemical


• Two piece body design – minimal leakage paths
• 4:1 Pressure boundary designed safety factor
• Designed to comply with requirements of ANSI/ASME B16.34 where applicable
• Bi-directional
• Floating ball principal with dynamic response seats featuring inherent self relief
• Integral compression ends available eliminating taper threads and thread sealants
• Low torque operation
• Quarter turn positive stop handle with ergonomically designed protective sleeve
• Full hydrostatic and low pressure air tested
• Anti static
• Optional firesafe designed to meet API 607, BS6755 Pt2.d

• Instrumentation lines
• Process isolation
• Topside umbilical termination units
• Hydraulic power units
• Chemical injecttion skids

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