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Providing continuous ammonia analysis for optimization of nutrient removal


The Aztec 600 ISE ammonia analyzer uses a robust gas sensing ammonia electrode to provide accurate and reliable continuous measurement of the total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) concentration, that is the sum of the gas NH3 and the cation NH4+.

Featuring ABB’s intuitive menu-driven software and the robust ISE sensing system with automatic calibration, users benefit from an analyzer that is both simple-to-operate and maintain.

Users benefits from:
– Continuous measurement using ISE technology
– Automatic 2-point calibration
– Buffered measurement for maximum accuracy
– Low reagent consumption (up to 3 months continuous measurement before reagent replenishment)
– Temperature-controlled flowcell for measurement stability
– Intuitive software with full colour graphical display
– Data logging and graphical process trending
– Full audit trail capability
– Secure data archiving to SD Card

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