AWT440 - KC Global Procurement


The Aztec AWT440 is a multi-input transmitter. Which can send signals up to 4 sensors and has special features


  • Easy to use
    • Connect and use with digital sensor connection technology (EZLink).
    • Automatic sensor recognition And settings
    • Easy-to-use software with a full color screen
  • Save money
    • Connect up to 4 sensors.
    • Can add sensors at the site straight away
    • Maintenance predictions for advanced predictions
  • The Report Better
    • Data retrieval system To prepare a standardized report For use in the audit of the Audit Department
    • Safe storage on SD card or USB stick.
    • Archived data can be analyzed using ABB’s DataManager Pro software for data validation.
  • Various communication A variety of communication options including Ethernet, Profibus DP or MODBUS.
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