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Piloted Non-Return and Metal Quick Exhaust Valves

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Piloted non-return valves are designed to protect installations. When the compressed air supply is removed, the non-return valves will lock the air supply to the cylinder. As a result, the cylinder will maintain its position. This all-in-one product combines 3 functions for control and supply, allowing you to optimise your stocks and save time on installation and maintenance operations.


System Protection

  • Protection of your system
  • Control of inlet and outlet flow; cylinder operation optimised
  • Vent saves time on restart after maintenance operations

3 Functions in 1 Product

  • A multi-purpose fitting: Piloted non-return valve, Flow control regulator, Manual exhaust
  • All-in-one product: integrated fittings for the control and supply

Flexible Operation

  • Orientable and adjustable through 3 axes
  • Can be integrated into any installation configuration
  • Push-in connection for quicker and more reliable installation
  • Mounted in pairs directly on the cylinder