TB(X)551 - KC Global Procurement


The TB(X)5 series pH / redox (insertion, submersion, flow-through and hot-tap sensors) are easily applied to most industrial measurement needs. They are renowned for their ability to outperform conventional sensors in the industries’ toughest process applications. Solid-state Next Step™ reference technology is the foundation for all TB(X)5 Series electrodes. The totally solid inner reference chamber is charged with potassium chloride (KCl). This non-liquid reference all but eliminates poisoning, plugging and pumping problems that plague conventional liquid, slurry and gel designs.


  • Next Step™ Solid State reference
  • Advantage™ Series with solution ground rod
  • Comprehensive selection of measuring electrodes
  • Combination style construction
  • Insertion, submersion, flow-through and hot-tap
  • Integral potted cable
  • Comprehensive selection of wetted materials
  • Operating temperatures up to 140 °C (284 °F)
  • Operating pressures up to 17 bar (250 psi) and higher
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